Mailing Services for Retail

Direct Marketing is the Natural Extension of Retail Marketing

Reach out to current customers and potential new customers and take a new step towards increasing your bottom line. Retail stores depend heavily on repeat business just as much as attracting new customers, and direct marketing is the ideal way to reach out to both groups. Retail sales depend on efficient marketing: attention, interest, decision, action.

A captivating direct marketing campaign will accomplish all four goals; it will attract the receiver’s attention to open up the envelope, the information and advertising inside will capture their interest, they will decide they want to purchase your product or service, and most importantly, they will have a call to action to contact you. Direct mailings are perfect for sending out event notices, catalogues, brochures, coupons, and so much more.

All of your direct marketing solutions are found under one roof at Mail-O-Matic. We are a full-service direct marketing production house with experienced consultants to advise you on how to best maximize your direct marketing dollar. We can oversee all aspects of your direct marketing campaign including:

It is our goal to exceed your expectations, and we work hard to answer all your questions and produce your direct marketing campaign as you envision it and within your time frame.

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