Mailing Services for Advertising & Marketing

Direct Mail Marketing Solutions for Advertising and Marketing Companies

Since 1967, Mail-O-Matic has been providing premier direct marketing and mailing solutions for advertising agencies and marketing companies large and small. We will produce your direct marketing campaign successfully and economically.

Your client has engaged you to increase their visibility and help attract their target customers. They have hired you because you understand how their customers perceive their company’s value, integrity, products, and services. Most importantly, you know what motivates customers to buy. You have decided that the best course of action for your client to reach out to their current customers and produce new leads is with a compelling and persuasive direct marketing campaign.

The experienced professionals at Mail-O-Matic will oversee every aspect of your direct mailing needs. We will consult with you and your clients on the most effective use of their direct mailing dollar to gain the widest exposure and impact.

Our project managers and experienced team provide direct marketing solutions and services that include:

We are your one-stop source for all your stress-free direct marketing solutions. It is your goal to promote and market your clients effectively, and it’s our goal to help you accomplish this. See how effective direct mailing works.

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