Unaddressed Admail

Target Customers Most Likely to Respond to Your Messages with Unaddressed Direct Mail

Mail-O-Matic provides you expert services for your unaddressed admail. It is the ideal way to deliver your advertising message to a wide range of potential customers without a detailed customer database.

These mass-marketed mail outs are not addressed to specific delivery addresses; however, they are an excellent method of building up your client base, creating new customer relationships and maintaining current ones. Consider unaddressed admail when mailing out printed documents, company news, and other marketing materials such as product samples, special offers, product advertisements, sales flyers, menus, and more.

At Mail-O-Matic, we take care of all your unaddressed admail needs. Our production team is capable of handling your mass marketing campaign from design consultation through production to final post office delivery. If you have a direct mass mailing campaign, maximize your return on marketing investment with Mail-O-Matic’s unaddressed admail services and solutions.

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