Security Mailing System: We Take Strong Steps to Protect Your Data & Property

At Mail-O-Matic, it is imperative that we protect your company information, electronic customer database, and any products and materials you may store in our main warehouse. We want you to feel assured that your mailing services are completed professionally. We want you to feel confident that your physical and data-based property is secured.

Warehouse Protection

We are able to minimize turnaround time on your projects by receiving and warehousing your materials in advance. It is most economical for you to ship your materials just once and have us maintain your inventory on-site.

Our production facilities and warehouse are located in a secure industrial park in Burnaby, BC. With state-of-the-art monitored electronic mailing security in our warehouse, your inventory of supplies and materials are secured and protected night and day.

Electronic Database Protection

Our Data Information Services department organizes and optimizes your data files. We perform data hygiene and maintain all your mailing lists on our secure site. After your mailing campaign is completed, your data is deleted from our system after 40 days to ensure its protection.

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