Marketing Database Management

Optimize and Organize your Mailing List with Marketing Database Management

Mail-O-Matic helps you reach your full direct mail database potential with our superior marketing database management. By properly organizing your data, converting data files, and generating detailed client reports, your direct mail database will maximize your marketing investment and help increase your bottom line.

Data Processing Services Data processing services can generate mailing lists targeting specific demographics for your direct mailing campaigns.

By utilizing our proprietary duplicate elimination software to reduce unwanted duplicates and false matches, your marketing dollars will be focused on the most qualified contacts. You will save money in postage while maximizing your reach to the intended audience.

Our marketing database management provides you the following data processing services for your customer lists:

  • Processing Standard and Non-Standard Data Formats
  • Multiple Database Consolidation
  • Duplicate Elimination
  • Address Verification, Postal Code Correction, NCOA and Genderization
  • Data Segmentation And Nth Selection
  • List Management and Response Analysis
  • Output Onto Flash Drive, E-Mail, or Printed Master Listing

The more specific and reliable your direct mail database quality, the lower your marketing costs and the higher your returns on investment.

Data Cleansing, Data Hygiene, and Mailing List Management

The most valuable asset in your marketing database management is your mailing list. The names and addresses on your direct mailing list and direct marketing database are your connection to all your customers and leads.

Mail-O-Matic’s mailing list management services will enhance and organize your mailing lists. Customers and prospects are constantly on the move, which means your direct marketing database changes too. It is imperative that your mailing list is constantly updated and kept accurate.

Our data cleansing services keep track of people on your mailing lists and updates their contact information. The success of your direct mailing campaign depends on professional data hygiene that will generate an accurate direct marketing database and guarantee your mailouts are delivered to your targeted leads at the proper address.

Customized Marketing Database Management for You

Mail-O-Matic can answer all your questions about our marketing database management services. Data processing and data cleansing play an integral part in the success of your next direct mailing campaign. Let us tailor the proper database management solutions for you.

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