Mail Warehousing

Flow-Through Mail Warehousing

Your Mail-Out Materials Stored in One Convenient Location

direct mail warehousingMail-O-Matic provides you with a simple and convenient solution to having all your mail-out materials readily available to you at a moment’s notice.

Our mail warehousing solutions minimize excess turnaround time due to the unavailability of materials and shipping delays. For a more efficient direct mail service, our flow-through warehouse stores package and mail out materials in advance until they are ready to be shipped out. For regular mailings, it is most economical to ship materials just once and have us maintain an inventory on-site.

The many advantages of our mail warehousing include:

  • safe and secured mail warehousingFull Receiving and Unloading
  • Warehousing of material
  • Trucking fleet for delivery to Canadian and US Post Offices

Mail-O-Matic is a full-service direct marketing company with a large flow-through warehouse space to safely and securely store all your mailing materials.

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