Mail Merge

The Easy Solution for Merging Data onto Printed Documents

Make your direct mail recipients feel respected and important with personally addressed envelopes and content insertions. They will be more likely to open your mail and respond to you if they feel you have put in that extra effort to make them special. Mail-O-Matic’s professional mail merge services make it easy for you to connect with your mailing list recipients on a personal level.

Mail merging is a software function that uses a database mailing list of names and addresses and merges them with template documents so each mail piece is customized with a personalized touch. Detailed mailing list information may be printed onto many types of documents including letters, cards, and mailing labels.

Mail-O-Matic is the expert direct marketing company that quickly and accurately mail merges your recipient data with documents of your choosing. Our advanced technology makes mail merging simple, accurate, and cost-efficient.

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