Mail-O-Matic Collating Services

How can we help you arrange your documents and materials into polished professional packages?

Build confidence in your customers. Present them with cleanly collated documents. Mail-O-Matic offers you the simple solution to organizing your marketing materials into one neat and coherent package with our fast and effective collating services. A collated mail piece makes a professional first impression on your addressee. When they see an organized package, they know you are a company they can trust.

Save time and money with our collating and insertion services and focus on more important areas of your business. We will collate all types of documents, materials, and content insertions for you.  We use both manual and automatic machine collation. Proper collation helps assure your recipients read your marketing packages exactly as you want them to.

Benefits of Collating

It arranges and gathers individual sheets or printed components into a pre-determined sequence.

Cleanly collated documents show trust and professionalism. Proper collation ensures that your recipients read your papers in order every time.

Collation with Mail-O-Matic help you save time and money. Focus on more important parts of your business and let us take care of any collating and insertion service requirements.

Types of Collating

We offer to collate:

  • Booklets- we collate book pages in numerical order.
  • Instructional handouts– We collate your instructional handouts and insert them into binders, presentation packets or folders.
  • Direct marketing packages– including direct mail, product samples, coupons and catalogues. We sort and collate documents in specific order and combination and insert mailing into envelopes.
  • New product launches– We assemble products, insert coupons, catalogues and marketing materials.
  • Event collateral for conferences, trade shows and meetings – We collate multi-component presentation package for national events.


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