Project Checklist

Direct Mail Project Checklist

The following are suggested checklist items that will help the successful production of your direct mailing campaign:

CheckboxConsult with Mail-O-Matic about the best way to proceed.

Checkbox Send clear written instructions to M-O-M.

Checkbox Advise representative if follow-up mailing is planned.

Checkbox Provide a written list of inserts and package versions.

Checkbox Confirm that paper stock and envelopes are compatible with machinery and comply with postal standards.

Checkbox Check that materials actually fit into the envelope and that all pieces can be inserted with address visible.

Checkbox Provide a sample package of the mailing.

Checkbox Tell M-O-M when materials are expected to arrive.

Checkbox Write contact name and project details on data diskette / in e-mail, including file names & quantity to expect.

CheckboxConfirm intended mail date.


Provide payment of postage before the mail date.