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Direct Mail Marketing FAQ’s

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What is Direct Mail?

Direct Mail is marketing a product, service, company, or special offer via a promotion delivered directly to the individual, a prospective customer

How can direct marketing via mail help my business?

Direct mail marketing delivers advertising, marketing, sales, and company information directly to both your customers and prospects doors. You control the target, specific messaging and collateral directed to your market. With proper data management, you can easily measure your conversion rates.

What direct mail marketing services does Mail-O-Matic offer?

Mail-O-Matic is a full-service provider and direct mail marketing company. We can oversee your direct mailing campaign from beginning to end. With our extremely experienced production staff we can help you with design requirements, through production, to final post office delivery. Our production flow includes data management, black & white or color laser printing, digital imaging, folding & collating, data management, content insertion, direct addressing and more. We can help guide you through all the every processes you will ever require.

Do you provide printing services?

Yes, we provide digital imaging services and variable print in of both black & white and color.

What is the delivery standard of mail in BC? In Canada? In USA?

There are various options due to the multiple mail processing categories. Please visit our Postage Rates page or Contact Us for detailed information.

What is the minimum quantity required to obtain better postage rates?

Mail pieces of over 500 qualifies for reduced postage rates in Canada.

Are you located just in BC or other provinces or countries?

Mail-O-Matic’s Head office and production warehouse is located in Burnaby, BC. However, we service domestic and international companies and can deliver to anywhere in the world.

What is the best direct mail marketing strategy for what my company wants to achieve?

Each direct mail marketing campaign is different. Mail-O-Matic has a wide variety of direct mailing solutions, and our experienced staff will consult with you on tailoring a direct mailing method that will best accomplish your individual marketing goals.

How long does a direct mail marketing campaign take to prepare and complete?

The timeline of each direct mail marketing campaign varies depending on many factors including size of components, quantity of mail outs, destinations, data requirements, and more. Please Contact Us and one of our customer service representatives will be happy to consult with you over specific timelines including rush campaigns for projects that need to be completed as soon as possible.

Do you mail out of country?

Yes, we can process any mail piece to be delivered anywhere in the world.

Do you supply envelopes?

Yes, we have great relationships with both print and envelope vendors and can help you manage or coordinate or on your behalf. We are a full service mailing house, and we will find you the appropriate envelopes that are best suited to deliver your contents safely and at the most affordable rates.

Do you supply paper?

We stock various sizes and weights of letterhead and can access a variety of stocks. Please call us for details.

Once my project is complete how are the extra materials handled? Can I store my materials there?

Yes. Mail-O-Matic can store your extra mail out materials in our warehouse. Please Contact Us for details on our flow through mail warehousing.

Can I pay with credit card?

Yes. We do accept all major credit cards: MasterCard, VISA, and Amex.


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