Data File Guidelines

Although we can usually work with nonstandard data formats, adhering to the guidelines listed below will streamline our production flow.

Please consult your project representative before sending your data.

Physical Media Specifications

  • Floppy Diskette (PC/DOS format) 3 1/2″ up to 1.44 MB (DSDD, DSHD).
  • CD ROM / DVD
  • Iomega ZIP Disk for PC only.
  • E-mail sent to Please provide a project name in your e-mail message. Whenever possible, send the data file as an attachment rather than embedding it as part of the message.
  • Modem-to-Modem Direct (Analog and Digital). Project and ZIP Password details are usually provided via fax or by prior arrangement.

  • FTP Site Project details are usually provided via fax or by prior arrangement.

Preferred Data File Formats

  • dBASE III or dBASE IV (.dbf)
  • ASCII Fixed Length (.txt / .sdf)
  • ASCII Tab Delimited (.txt / .tab / .dlm)
  • ASCII Comma Separated (.txt / .csv)
  • Microsoft Access (.mdb). Note: If you are providing more than one table, please specify which table we are to use.
  • Microsoft Excel (.xls). Note: Be careful not to truncate fields when exporting to other formats; Excel often exports by what-you-see is what-you-get method. Export to TAB delimited format, or send us the .XLS Workbook to avoid export problems.

Preferred Document File Formats

  • WordPerfect
  • Microsoft Word
  • Plain Text

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Contact us today if you have any questions regarding data file guidelines.