USA Postage Rates

USA Postage Rates

Mailing can be complicated, but Mail-O-Matic is here to help!

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We’re experienced in mailing to the United States and can guide you through the USPS process. If you are mailing more than 1000 letters, you may be eligible for a discount by working with us as your mailing partner.


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Letters and Other Letter-post DimensionsMinimumMaximum
Letters140mm x 90mm x 0.18mm245mm x 156mm x 5mm
Cards/Postcards140mm x 90mm x 0.18mm235mm x 120mm
Other Letter-post (Includes Non-standard and Oversize)140mm x 90mm x 0.18mm380mm x 270mm x 20mm
Max weight up to 500g
Standard Letters and Cards0 – 30g30 – 50gUp to 100g100 – 200g200 – 500g
Meter or Postal Indicia$1.30$1.94$3.03$5.48$10.93
Single Stamp(s)$1.30$1.94$3.19$5.57$11.14

If you are mailing letters in higher volumes, you may be eligible for additional savings on postage. Our experts can help you access these rates. Find out how much you can save by contacting us today.

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