Letter Sorting

Reduce Your Postage Cost with Letter Sortation at Mail-O-Matic

Save significantly on costs of your Canadian, USA and international postage rates by getting Mail-O-Matic to pre-sort your letter pieces. You may qualify for special volume rates by sorting your mail outs.

We offer a full range of domestic and international presorting mailing services:

Canadian Letter Sortation

  • Canadian Incentive Letter mail (High Volume 1st Class) Machinable Mail Sortation
  • Canadian Personalized Mail, Special Handling and Machinable Mail Sortation
  • Canadian Publications Mail, NDG and LCP Sort
  • Neighbourhood Mail/Household Mail sort and preparation

USA Letter Sorting (Induction at USPS)

  • USA 1st Class – from Basic to Automated Bar Code
  • USA Standard – from Basic to Automated Bar Code


A Direct Mailing Service Company Can Help Pre-Sort Your Letter Pieces

Choose Mail-O-Matic to help you with letter sortation and for direct mail and lettershop services.

  • Our expert staff will help you get the best rates and cost savings.
  • Our staff’s knowledge of Canada and International mailing requirements and will help you deliver your mailing in accordance to shipping standards.
  • We oversee the entire production process, so your mailing project is produced to your vision.

Why Mail-O-Matic

We maintain a high-quality of standards and make sure that your mailing projects are accomplished as you envisioned.

We oversee every aspect of your mailing project including coordination of your material suppliers, custom imaging, direct addressing, product assembly, timely post office delivery and more!

When working with us, you can expect:

Data Processing and Management: We will clean and optimize your mailing list with our data processing and management services, ensuring that you are targeting only the best customers.

All-in-one mailing house: We carry the full range of equipment and services necessary to produce your direct mail campaign.

We ship to the US: No matter where in North America you’d like your direct mail campaign to go, we ship across North America.

Postage discounts: Our postal experts will ensure that your campaign is processed in accordance with Canada Post and the US Postal Service’s requirements.