Direct Mail Solutions

Direct Mail Solutions that Help Increase Brand Awareness Through Loyalty, Retention, and Sales

At Mail-O-Matic we offer a wide range of direct mail solutions to make sure you get the reliable marketing strategy you’re looking for. A well-targeted campaign can reach a wide audience and at the same time deliver that personal touch.

Direct Mail Solution is a Practical and Affordable Way to Get Your Message Out There.

A direct mail campaign can be created within weeks or even days. It can be highly targeted from a demographical standpoint, and it’s easy for the recipient to respond to (especially if you include a vehicle with which to respond, a return envelope a response device, an order card or CTA info).

Mail-O-Matic Puts Customer Service and Market Adaptation Up Front

We have provided organizations of all sizes and industry sectors with successful direct mail solutions since our establishment in 1967. Our industry changes dramatically, and we adapt and evolve with those changes, which is why we’re one of the leaders.

We will make sure your project has been produced to your standards, and will monitor its progress every step of the way, from start to production, and all the way up to the moment of its delivery.

Our representatives will be happy to answer any questions you may have about direct mail advertising and our process.

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