Direct Mail Advertising Vancouver

How Can Direct Mail Advertising Vancouver Help your Business and Amplify its Direct Marketing Success?

Direct mail advertising is a unique and powerful way to generate more leads for your company. A direct mail campaign is a practical and effective way to reach many people who would otherwise not know about your business in Vancouver or even in other locations.

Direct Mail Marketing is an ideal way to reach your current and prospective customers within Vancouver or Western Canada. Direct mail gets noticed – according to Canada Post, 74% of Canadian consumers always notice advertising in direct mail.

For over 50 years, Mail-O-Matic has worked with thousands of businesses and associations across North America to deliver marketing materials directly into the hands of their customers and prospects alike.

A Direct Marketing Company Can Help Grow Your Vancouver Based Business

Whether you are looking to connect with people in your own city, or would like to expand your reach within Canada or the US, Mail-O-Matic has the effective direct mail marketing solutions for you.

The team at Mail-O-Matic will work alongside your marketing team to create a clearly defined direct mailing strategy that focuses on you and your target audience.

Direct mail advertising, when integrated with marketing initiatives helps to create heightened engagement and a stronger brand recall which all adds up to greater conversions!

Whether it is a message to turn prospects into clients or a campaign that builds customer loyalty, a direct mailing strategy will help put your business to become an industry leader.

Mail-O-Matic Understands Canada Post

We understand how direct mail works in Canada. In fact, Mail-O-Matic is a Canada Post Smartmail Expert Partner for years now.

Our postal experts can help you with all aspects of your direct mail campaign. From your design layout and printing, to envelope insertion, and mail out, we act as your liaison with Canada Post.

Our automated production centre offers the latest technology in laser imaging and direct addressing, and our centre runs efficiently so that we can maximize output and help reduce your costs.

Working with an Vancouver Direct Advertising Expert to Reduce Your Costs

There are many different mistakes that any business can make when running a direct mail marketing campaign. Poorly manage databases, improper processing, and delayed deliveries are just a few of the potential hiccups that business can face when running a direct mail campaign solo.

Working with the team of experts at Mail-O-Matic will help ensure that your campaign is processed properly and delivered on time.

Mail-O-Matic can help you to achieve the following:

Reduce Your Postage Rates: Discounts on postage rates are possible when your direct mail campaign is processed according to Canada Post service requirements. Our team here at Mail-O-Matic has decades of experience working with Canada Post. We understand the institution and know how to work with them.

Database Processing: Our data processing and management services reduce errors and wastage by organizing and optimizing your mailing list, thus reducing the amount of time and money spent on erroneous mail.

Mail Sorting: We will help you sort your direct mail campaign to ensure that you can save with volume mailing rates.

Contact Mail-O-Matic today to learn more about our direct mail advertising.