10 Ways to Ensure Your Next Direct Mail

You will hear it over and over again, direct mail isn’t the way to go. But every time I open my mailbox and receive an invite or offer with eye catching graphics or a color scheme, I open it to see how this could be beneficial for me. That alone is enough to justify that direct mail is not dead and can benefit you in ways you didn’t imagine. If done the right way, of course. According to a national survey conducted by ICOM, “Direct mail surprisingly transcends the age demographic, with younger consumers (the 18- to 34-year-old demographic) preferring to learn about marketing offers via postal mail rather than online sources.” Here are a few ways to help you maximize your results!

maximize direct mail results


Stand tall and proud –

Your company name and logo should be prominent on the envelope. Don’t fear that this will deter people from opening your envelope. If the addressee is a previous customer, they will be interested in what you have to say, especially if you have provided exceptional service in the past. They will be curious to see what you have to offer!


That special touch –

Embellish your envelopes and add prestige by using foil stamping or embossing to feature an anniversary or warranty seal.

foil stamping or embossing



Eye catching phrase –

Include a compelling hook message or teaser promotion with attention-grabbing phrases or keywords that increase curiosity or urgency and entice readers to open your envelope. You can place the teaser on the front of the envelope. If you are contacting your viewers for a promotional deal you are about to announce, put a glimpse of that on the cover to grab their attention.


Keep it simple –

Sometimes overwhelming graphics and fonts are enough for your viewer to put down your mail and pay no attention to it. Because it’s too much, all at once. You want to keep it to the point, be sure your offer is clear for them to view, showcase what you are offering them, and validate why they would need the service or product.


Fold your way to their hearts –

Create some special folds in your mail. There are a variety of folds that could entice your recipient to open your package. This not only makes things more interesting, but it is such a great way to stand out. One we really like is the endless fold. These are folds that just keep going, from panel to panel. They are really interesting, and most people flip through them at least twice, prompting more opportunities to read your messages.


Steer away from the ordinary –

Break away from the norm. Experiment and test different envelope looks. Take a look at your options, there are a wide variety of shapes and sizes, colors, and textures (linen, cockle, matte, coated, glossy, or metallic). Make your envelope stand out from the other envelopes they receive on daily basis.

different envelope looks


Get crafty –

Consider creating an envelope with a peek-through window to a colorful photograph of your product, a membership card, or contest entry form.


Where technology and direct mail meet –

You must be scratching your head wondering what we’re talking about. This is definitely a thing and let us begin by saying this will definitely catch your recipient’s attention. You could consider adding sound bites to your mailer so that when prospects or customers open it, they get to hear your message. Augmented reality is a great way to get prospects and customers to interact with their phones. And a video screen can even be activated right inside the mailer when opened. However, this is not (yet!) a very popular approach to take as it can get quite costly to produce. Make sure this is a good fit for your company, and fits into your budget!


Advertise yourself –

Encourage addressees to visit your website by adding a link to a discount coupon, or an advertisement for special offers. Remember it takes about three times for someone to see your advertisement before they take notice. Also, fortify your direct mail marketing initiatives with the use of email marketing, social media and other marketing.  Always make sure though, that you are not bombarding your audience with too many advertisements.

mail marketing and digital marketing


Seal the deal –

Include a clear call-to-action on the back flap. Entice addressees to open your envelope by finding a clever way of asking them.

The competition might seem impossible to beat, but if you follow these tips above you will stand out, without a doubt! Using all of these tips will help create a campaign that really speaks to your customers on a personal level. It will also make you more memorable and create many returning and happy customers. Choose Mail-O-Matic as a part of your next direct mail success story, contact us for a quote!


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Why Marketers are Coming Back to Direct Mail Marketing

In an age of digital devices, emails and email marketing have increased in popularity and in volume. People are now bombarded with emails daily, meaning that most emails sent by companies aren’t seen or opened by the recipients. Rule and regulations set by the Canadian Government (CASL) on what businesses can do with emails also make it more difficult for companies to get their message seen.

So, what are marketers doing to get results? They are coming back to direct mail marketing.

The effectiveness of direct mail marketing has been proven even before the internet existed.

Direct mail marketing is a powerful way to generate more leads. It is practical and effective way to reach people who would otherwise not know about your business.

In addition to delivering results, marketers are coming back to direct mail marketing because:

  1. It stands out– well-designed personalized mail stands out because people’s brains are structured to pay more attention to tangible physical mail.
  2. Creates a lasting impression – you are personally reaching out to the customer. You leave a lasting impression by reaching out personally.
  3. Holds more authority – well-designed tangible communication holds more value than online advertising because it doesn’t look like spam.
  4. Highly personalized – customers share a stronger connection with your brand when an address and targeted message is printed on the mail.
  5. Chance to get to be part of customer’s personal time – when direct mail is received by customers in the comfort of their home, they have more time to consider your offers and promotions.
  6. Builds customer loyalty – personalized direct mail creates deeper connections with existing customers. Customers feel more values when they receive personalized mail.
  7. Arrives directly to your customers home – emails can end up in junk folders and never seen by recipients, but direct mail ensures that it will arrive to your recipient’s home.
  8. Easier to understand – it takes less mental effort to process direct mail compared to digital media. Easier to understand messages creates a higher motivational response.
  9. Increase brand awareness – direct mail creates a stronger brand recall because there is a higher chance the receiver will open personalized direct mail addressed to them directly.

It’s not hard to see why marketers are coming back to direct mail marketing. If you want to deliver results with your next marketing campaign, direct mail marketing is necessary.

Mail-O-Matic has worked with businesses and associations across Canada and the United States for over 50 years to deliver marketing materials directly to customers and prospects. Our team will work with you to create a clearly defined direct mailing strategy that focuses on you and your target audience.


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Simplify Your Marketing Process for More Powerful and Meaningful Results

Direct Mail Marketing is Delivered Straight into the Hands of Your Customers and Increases Overall ROI

On a daily basis, marketing teams are faced with many challenges to get the right message in front of the right customers.

Reviewing daily operations and marketing processes can give you a better understanding of where road blocks occur and help you figure out a solution to help your marketing department make things easier and more productive.

Streamlining and simplifying your marketing process can help better meet the needs of consumers. It allows you to focus on the most important tasks so you can spend the extra time connecting with customers.

Common areas of marketing that become unnecessarily complex are:

  • Approval process
  • Compliance management
  • Managing and updating rates
  • Managing local marketing budgets
  • Data management

By simplifying your marketing process, you can focus on key goals and KPI’s. In addition, simplifying your marketing process can:

  • Build and develop connections with more customers and consumers
  • Save money on marketing operations
  • Personalize local marketing materials
  • Develop new and compelling campaigns

So what can you do to help simplify your company’s marketing process? You can hire a mailing house like Mail-O-Matic for your business’ direct mailing and direct marketing needs.


How can Mail-O-Matic Simplify Your Marketing Process?

As your source for all direct marketing solutions, our project managers will work with your marketing team to promote and market your clients effectively. It is our goal to help you optimize the effectiveness of your message and minimize your costs and stress.

Mailouts, admail, direct marketing campaign, and regular mail are integral components of your marketing process, but it requires valuable time and energy to successfully complete.

With services such as data processing and management services, direct admail/addressing and post office delivery, the team at Mail-O-Matic will help simplify your marketing process so you can get more powerful and meaningful results on your next marketing campaign.

Take advantage of our skilled staff overseeing all of your mailing necessities so you can concentrate on growing your business.

Since 1967, Mail-O-Matic has been providing direct marketing and mailing solutions for companies large and small. We are your source for all direct marketing solutions.


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Why You Should Consider Direct Mail Marketing as Part of Your Healthy Marketing Mix

Considering how digital marketing efforts seem to increase, direct mail marketing should still be an integral part of your marketing strategy. Direct mail marketing has proven to effectively target audiences, whether it’s new customers or existing ones. More importantly, it promotes and encourages brand loyalty by allowing existing customers to receive the information they actually want to see.

Within a marketing mix lies product, place, price, and promotion. Direct mail marketing is needed as part of a healthy marketing mix because a brand can educate specific consumers on special promotions of a product.

The overall purpose is to communicate with your customers and more importantly, build a connection. The main reason why direct mail marketing is so effective is because of its ability to reach a bigger range of target audiences to build brand awareness and brand loyalty. It is a great opportunity to build a brand connection by directly offering value to the recipients. Having said that, it is also a cost-effective method and makes the process of tracking responses much easier.

Physical mailboxes tend to be less crowded than email inboxes. In a digital era, email marketing efforts have bombarded consumers with indirect automated messages. Automated online approaches don’t necessarily contribute to the marketing mix because they are generic and the saturation it creates prevents audiences from genuinely bonding with the brand.

If you would like to expand your marketing mix to include direct mail marketing, speak with a Mail-O-Matic representative today. As a Canada Post Smartmail Expert Partner, rest assured that your next direct mail marketing campaign is in the right hands!

Increase Your Direct Mail Marketing Campaign’s Conversions with Personalized Mail.

Investing in personalized mail services is a great way for your company to build a connection with your customers and clients because it makes them feel valued and appreciated. Doing so will also result in an increase in the response rate of your prospective clients, which in turn, boosts the number of leads your business attains and the overall sales.


The Personal Touch

One of the many reasons why direct mail is so great at generating results is its personalization. By sending personalized direct mail to all your recipients, your conversion rate will likely rise. Email may be much more innovative and interactive because of technology; however, it will never be as personal as physical mail. Personalization is very difficult to convey through an electronic medium of communication.


Also, recipients are more likely to pay attention to personalized mail because it makes them feel special. By feeling valued, customers, clients, and prospects are now more likely to engage with the mail pieces. Recipients will feel more inclined to respond to your mail because they think that you are communicating with them one-on-one and they feel valued because the company knows who they are. Even simply referring to your customers as “valued customer,” in the salutation of a letter can impact your reach significantly.


How to Get Personal

Adding personal elements to direct mail isn’t a hard process, all it requires is room for customization. To personalize a piece of direct mail, you just need to take all of the information you currently have on your customers and insert it into the mailing. Don’t rely so much on technology, because personalization is much more than a product of the innovations of technology. Just remember that your ultimate goal should be to create messages that connect with your audience.


Focusing on the Target

Unlike emails which can easily be blocked by spam filters for attempting to hack your identity to spread a virus, direct mail is a safe means of distribution. By utilizing personalized mail, you can better shape your message to reach each individual recipient. In doing so, you can shift the focus off your company and place it on your client or prospective customer.


At the end of the day, unless you personalize your direct mailing, you cannot be certain that it is going to stand out among other nonpersonal ads that consumers are already overwhelmed by. The truth of the matter is that marketers will continue to utilize direct mail for the years to come because it still has a high Return on Investment (ROI).

Let Mail-O-Matic help you with your personalized direct mail marketing campaign. As a Canada Post Smartmail Expert Partner, we have the industry knowledge and experience to ensure that your campaign is the best it possibly can be.