Frank Ferrucci

Senior Account Manager

IMG 0805 FrankFrank Ferrucci is your personable and professional Senior Account Manager at Mail-O-Matic. He believes strong working relationships are built by listening to each other which is why he prefers to open all lines of communication between himself, his clients, and all areas of production. Once Mail-O-Matic’s professional personnel and state-of-the-art equipment begins production on your campaign, Frank carefully watches the day-to-day progress from start to finish. His aim is to ensure all your mailing objectives are met in a timely and efficient manner.

Frank first noticed direct mail when he was a kid and was convinced it had to be working because he kept seeing the same successful companies utilize it as a marketing tool. After earning a Diploma in Finance and Investment, he later joined Mail-O-Matic in 1985 where he continues to be a major force in their clients’ successful mailing campaigns. Frank’s “we do care” attitude is one of the main reasons MOM is known throughout the industry as one of the most honest, ethical, and dependable mail services companies.

Client satisfaction is of the utmost importance to Frank. When you pick up the phone to call him, he wants you to feel as if you are calling a department within your own company. If you aren’t sleeping, neither is he. He wants you to feel confident knowing your data management and mail campaigns are being completed correctly.

You will find Frank to be exceptionally easygoing and approachable with a dry sense of humor and honest working principles – like fine wine, he’s structured and complex (and more palatable with cheese).

To speak to Frank or any member of the exceptional Mail-O-Matic team about your mailing solutions, please contact us today!