Brenda Porter

Director of Customer Experience

Brenda Porter, Chief Operations ManagerPrior to joining Mail-O-Matic in the late 1980’s, Brenda managed the direct mail for a non-profit organization in Vancouver and knew us as a client. Brenda was hired at Mail-O-Matic to help design the art and graphics for the, at-the-time, new Super Savings program. Over time she started dealing with the rest of Mail-O-Matic’s direct mail work and before she knew it, she was working full-time with us and hasn’t looked back since.

At the heart of our company is the production department with the large machines operating and buzzing throughout the working day. This is where Brenda feels most comfortable. Not just happy to be one of the best project managers around, she also oversees quality, efficiency and processes of the production floor.

While Brenda wears many hats here, it’s her executive cap coupled with her commitment to the company that makes her irreplaceable. The quality of work we produce and that delicate balance between professional atmosphere and casual workplace has made her feel right at home, and she ensures all of our employees feel that way too.

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