The Power of Direct Mail in the Digital Age

Direct Mail in the Digital Age

As technology evolves with all the advanced innovations each day, so do the other online-based channels, like social media.  You may ask yourself, is direct mail still effective as it once was? If so, why change something if it’s not broken? Well, here at Mail-O-Matic we believe in the importance of personal touch. That’s the reason why companies still rely on direct mail when interacting with other individuals. They need to feel that their needs are met, and they need to feel appreciated.


In this article, we will explain the importance of direct mail, and how it can make a lasting impression on your recipients.


It’s Personal –


With direct mail, you are able to add the personal touch to your content. Physical content drives an emotional response. It can be as simple as a letter with a name on it, but it will catch the recipient’s attention. The same message could be sent via email or social media; however, when it’s in physical form it could have more of a connection to the individual it is addressed to. Psychological studies suggest that physical content creates an endowment effect, a sense of ownership, which evokes an emotional response or attachment to it. In short, you get a more effective response from your consumers.

It is more effective than email –


If you were to go into your email account at this moment, your “junk mail” folder would have a larger quantity of emails than your inbox. Many important emails are sent to spam before the reader has a chance to view them. By the time a customer may come around to reading your notice, the sale you intended for your customer to take advantage of is already over. It has been reported that 94 billion emails all over the world never get read, even if they do land in the inbox instead of junk mail.


Yes, you read that correct! Your addressees are potentially receiving a ton of other emails and they will prioritize.  For instance, they will focus their time on emails from friends and family and your content may not even get the time it deserves.

Increases Trust –


With increased technology, also comes increased risk when sharing information online. Anything can be hacked in today’s world, and along with that our right to have a concern for privacy when sharing content online.


Hackers are able to hack into anything! Yes, that also includes “secure” sites. With these negative effects to online based methods, your consumers might be hesitant to open any attachments with emails they may receive from you, along with links you may share. Security is such an important factor when it comes to Mail-O-Matic, and we want all of our customers to feel safe. Take a look at the measures we take to ensure our customers’ safety and security here.


All of these methods are just a few great reasons to trust that your message will get across to your recipients, in the broadest way possible.  Don’t waste great content by sending it through email, your consumers may never have the chance to view it! Do something different, and stand out to your prospects! It’s so easy to send an email, that’s why everyone’s doing it. Connect on a deeper, emotional level to ensure a higher response rate. Contact us for more information about how we can help you maximize your potential with direct mail services!


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