The Power of Direct Mail in the Digital Age

As technology evolves with all the advanced innovations each day, so do the other online-based channels, like social media.  You may ask yourself, is direct mail still effective as it once was? If so, why change something if it’s not broken? Well, here at Mail-O-Matic we believe in the importance of personal touch.

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10 Ways to Ensure Your Next Direct Mail

You will hear it over and over again, direct mail isn’t the way to go. But every time I open my mailbox and receive an invite or offer with eye catching graphics or a color scheme, I open it to see how this could be beneficial for me.

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Simplify Your Marketing Process for More Powerful and Meaningful Results

On a daily basis, marketing teams are faced with many challenges to get the right message in front of the right customers.

Reviewing daily operations and marketing processes can give you a better understanding of where road blocks occur and help you figure out a solution to help your marketing department make things easier and more productive.

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