How working with a Canadian Direct Mail Marketing Company Can Help US-Based Businesses Save Money and Better Enter the Canadian Market.

Direct mail marketing is a powerful method of generating more leads for your company. It is both effective and practical in reaching more people who would not have otherwise engaged with your business.


Most US publishers and advertisers take advantage of direct mail marketing companies in Canada because it is a smart and cost-effective alternative for reaching Canadian audience, which in turn, increases market exposure and results in bigger sales. Rather than paying American companies to control their direct mail marketing, US companies will find that sticking to a Canadian company will be more cost-effective and even more likely to create leads.


Entrusting a Canadian direct mail marketing company like Mail-O-Matic can help US-based businesses enter the Canadian market whilst saving money because of the great savings and competitive prices that we offer. For businesses within the United States, utilizing a Canadian company provides them with tax advantages and even better processing rates!


Mail-O-Matic is based in Burnaby, British Columbia, we can distribute your direct mail campaign across Canada.


If you are part of an American business and looking for a way to communicate with your Canadian customers, we can help you to produce and manage your entire direct mail marketing campaign. We are equipped with the tools and expertise to ensure that your campaign is a success. In working with us, you will save on costs for the timely delivery of your mail across Western Canada.


With our expertise, we can provide you with exclusive information regarding mailing data so that you get the best ROI.


We will use our experience in direct mail marketing to help fine-tune your own campaign. In addition, we are a Canada Post Smartmail Expert Partner, so we absolutely know what we are doing! Our reputation gives you an idea as to our workplace culture and effective results.


Contact a Mail-O-Matic representative today and learn how using a Canadian direct mail marketing company is in your best interest!

How Local Business Benefits from Direct Mail

Today we learn how local business benefits from direct mail? Direct Mail has been in existence for years but due to evolving technology email promotions have become the popular means of local promotion. Direct Mail plays a critical role for local business’s helping them to forge better relations with their customers. Capitalizing on the benefits of direct mail services is a reliable way to reach customers, avoid spam legislation and build relationships.

  1. Traditional & Trusted

Direct mail has been in existence for decades. Earlier, when the internet wasn’t widespread, direct mail was a common mode of communication between brands and customers. Though it was slow, the amount of trust and time dedicated to reading mail was far greater than email and it yielded higher conversions. Direct mail remains one of the most effective methods of reaching clients because it is personal, informative, and comes with many positive connotations.

  1. Legally Advertising

In 2014 the ‘Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation’ was passed, which applies only to ‘electronic’ messages; promotional materials that constitute as spam will cause legal problems once this law becomes finalized.  Direct mail is a brilliant way to avoid causing problems in the future, while also distributing a high volume of material which isn’t subject to the terms outlined in this legislation.

  1. Build Relationships

Direct mail is more of a one on one feeling, it gives users a feeling that you care for them, you took the time to create an entire mailer, personalize it, and send it! Believe it or not, relationships built through direct mail last for years and carry more trustworthiness than digital messages.

  1. Elevate customer experience

Imagine yourself as a customer and answer this question – when was the last time you felt cared for when receiving an email from a long list shared by hundreds of contacts? Probably not that often! Don’t worry; you’re not alone.

Almost everyone knows that most emails sent to you are automated. Customers know this as a fact, and that’s the reason they avoid many emails.

Wrapping it up

In the end, it’s all about how well your customers feel while doing business with you. This is where businesses can fail – they focus on making profits and not making their customers happy. By engaging Mail-o-Matic to implement creative direct mail marketing campaigns, you get to enhance your customer outreach and improve your business margins.


Benefits of Hiring Direct Mail Marketing Specialist

Today’s world is constantly changing and with these changes comes a bombardment of information. As such, the rules of what can and cannot be sent to consumers is always changing. Over the past few years, the Canadian government has been implementing new rules and regulations on what business can email to their current and potential customers. These measures taken by the Canadian government are an effort to make the experience as hassle-free ordinary person as possible. What these changes underscore is the growing effectiveness of direct mail marketing for business to capitalize on. Here are some of the benefits of working with a direct mail marketing service provider.

  1. Direct Mail Marketing Stands Out

Regular letter mail has been experiencing lower than normal volumes over the past few years. Because people receive less mail than they used to, your direct mail marketing mailers are much more likely to stand out. The same cannot be said for mass marketing emails and your InBox these days.

  1. Chance To Get A Part of Your Customers’ Personal Time

Many people prefer to reply, receive, and read emails during their office hours. People don’t always want to check emails when they are home because it reminds them of work. However, when you send direct mail your message is received by customers in the comfort of their homes when they have more time to consider your offers and promotions.

Tangible communication that is well designed and targeted, can hold more authority than commercials and online advertising. People tend to value direct mail marketing more because of its ability to be highly personalized. It lets your customers feel like they share a strong connection with your brand.

  1. We Take Care of the Details

Setting up and sending out a direct mail campaign can seem daunting. How do you know who to send it to, what times are best, and what neighborhoods you should target? This can be a lot of legwork for a small business or in-house marketing coordinator to handle. Using a direct mail marketing service provider means that we take care of the legwork. We will work with you and your brand to create and implement a successful direct mail marketing campaign.

Low Mail Volume Means It’s a Great Time for Direct Mail

Mail volumes fluctuate drastically throughout the year. As you can imagine, the holiday season is marked by an increased number of flyers, letters, and parcels being sent. As the holiday season dwindles into the new year, mail volumes decrease throughout the rest of the year.

This low mail volume is a perfect opportunity to get in front of your customer base. Here are some of the major reasons why you should switch to direct mail right today:

  • Actionable – Most of the time, people ignore even the important emails sent to them because they receive dozens of emails every day. On the other end, when you use direct mail marketing, you can easily get customers’ attention and make them act. The chances of conversion with direct mail marketing are a lot higher than the email services because people have email fatigue.
  • Unobtrusive – It’s a common fact that people don’t take emails seriously. For most of them, the emails are intrusive and distracting, which is why it’s not always a good idea for you to just communicate with your customers via the digital medium. As compared to email services, when you connect with your customers via direct mail, they will pay more attention to your messages. Studies suggest that the direct mail is given more attention than most emails. Using a highly targeted and creative direct mail marketing strategy is sure to stand out from the crowd.
  • Better than e-mails – Since there are hundreds of emails, including promotional emails, general spam, bills, and social media notifications sent to customers daily it becomes very easy for people to outright ignore many emails. Direct mail marketing, however, is given a lot of importance because it is part of a positively reinforced routine. People check their mailboxes when coming home from work and are more likely to take the time to read every piece because they are happy to be home and relaxing. This positive correlation helps to bolster direct mail conversions.
  • Reliable – Direct mail have been in existence for decades (in one form or another) thus lending a greater deal of legitimacy and authority to direct mail pieces. People are also more likely to keep a direct marketing mail piece around, whether it be on their kitchen table, fridge, or home office. The fact that people hold on to mailers acts as a brand recognition trigger that can cause consumers to convert down the road.
  • Cost effective – You can get an eye-catching mailer prepared electronically. In addition, you can control the number of mailers sent (trickle early on and then increasing the volume depending on its success) so you can control costs at every stage of the direct mail marketing campaign. This makes the entire exercise a highly cost optimized.

Direct mail is a great way to optimize the effects of low mail volumes. Enlist the help of professionals like Mail-o-Matic to help set up targeted and outcome-oriented direct mail campaigns. These targeted mail campaigns will help your business to connect with your intended customers and impact your bottom-line in a positive way.

Why Simple and Creative Ideas Work

Don’t Over Complicate Things

There is a lot to be said about uncomplicated design. Simple and creative ideas work. More often than not, we are inclined to provide the consumer with as much information as possible. However, this can sometimes overwhelm the customer and alienate the intent of your direct mail collateral.

If your ad is dynamic and filled with a lot of different content it might seem straightforward to you, but be lost on the consumer. It is also important to note that you only have seconds to capture their interest. Busy and over complicated design is the best way to waste your marketing dollars!

Simple and clean design allows your message to be clearly conveyed, as well as, grab the attention of your target audience. Most importantly, simple yet creative ideas are often more cost effective.

However, creating a simple and creative design can be a challenge! You need to find the perfect mix between intention grabbing design and copy and simple, paired down content.

How to Create Simple Design

The one thing that we always mention is that each campaign has to be designed specifically for your target audience. What attracts one group may go unnoticed by another. So the first step in creating a simple and creative direct mail marketing campaign is to know your audience!

Here are some tips on creating simple and creative design:

  • Use a simple and straightforward
  • Personalize your mailer!
  • Choose an unconventional size for your direct mailer. An unconventional size will help it stand out from the rest of the standard mail your audience receives.
  • Try alternate paper stocks and finishes.
  • Don’t overshare information. Keep the copy to a minimum. If you really need to provide extra information, provide links to your website or social media.

Did this article help to get your creativity flowing? Creative but simple design is sometimes the hardest thing to get right. But, it can be done.

For more information about creating a successful direct mail marketing campaign contact Mail-O-Matic. With over 45 years in the business, we know a thing or two about what works!