Why Multichannel Direct Marketing Works

These days it seems as if we are continually bombarded with more and more media. This bombardment makes it difficult to pay attention to much more than what is immediately in front of you. We are no longer satisfied to just watch a movie or show. More often than not, we are simultaneously watching TV, playing on our phone and holding conversations with friends and family. How much of this media overload are we actually digesting?

With so many distractions competing for our attention, it’s easy to forget about the task at hand. This is where direct mail can really help.

Few of these interactions are actually tangible. Flicking through the TV channels, scrolling through Instagram, or browsing the net are all ephemeral. Having something to hold in our hands is important. It grounds us and can be that one thing that pushes us into action.

Taking Advantage of the Time of Day

Multichannel direct marketing works by targeting customers with different media at different times, you take advantage of the consumers need to consume as many different forms of media as possible. Mornings tend to be for devices like phones. As the workday progresses, laptops and desktops are the mainstay. That leaves the evenings free for televisions, tablets, and phones.

If you want to target consumers at 5pm, you may find that a lot of consumers are commuting home and not online. However, this is likely the time that consumers will be checking their mail. This is your chance to remind them about your business through direct mail.

Using a combination of media, such as direct mail and online advertising, gives consumers multiple touch points where they can interact with your business.

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