Why Marketers are Coming Back to Direct Mail Marketing

In an age of digital devices, emails and email marketing have increased in popularity and in volume. People are now bombarded with emails daily, meaning that most emails sent by companies aren’t seen or opened by the recipients. Rule and regulations set by the Canadian Government (CASL) on what businesses can do with emails also make it more difficult for companies to get their message seen.

So, what are marketers doing to get results? They are coming back to direct mail marketing.

The effectiveness of direct mail marketing has been proven even before the internet existed.

Direct mail marketing is a powerful way to generate more leads. It is practical and effective way to reach people who would otherwise not know about your business.

In addition to delivering results, marketers are coming back to direct mail marketing because:

  1. It stands out– well-designed personalized mail stands out because people’s brains are structured to pay more attention to tangible physical mail.
  2. Creates a lasting impression – you are personally reaching out to the customer. You leave a lasting impression by reaching out personally.
  3. Holds more authority – well-designed tangible communication holds more value than online advertising because it doesn’t look like spam.
  4. Highly personalized – customers share a stronger connection with your brand when an address and targeted message is printed on the mail.
  5. Chance to get to be part of customer’s personal time – when direct mail is received by customers in the comfort of their home, they have more time to consider your offers and promotions.
  6. Builds customer loyalty – personalized direct mail creates deeper connections with existing customers. Customers feel more values when they receive personalized mail.
  7. Arrives directly to your customers home – emails can end up in junk folders and never seen by recipients, but direct mail ensures that it will arrive to your recipient’s home.
  8. Easier to understand – it takes less mental effort to process direct mail compared to digital media. Easier to understand messages creates a higher motivational response.
  9. Increase brand awareness – direct mail creates a stronger brand recall because there is a higher chance the receiver will open personalized direct mail addressed to them directly.

It’s not hard to see why marketers are coming back to direct mail marketing. If you want to deliver results with your next marketing campaign, direct mail marketing is necessary.

Mail-O-Matic has worked with businesses and associations across Canada and the United States for over 50 years to deliver marketing materials directly to customers and prospects. Our team will work with you to create a clearly defined direct mailing strategy that focuses on you and your target audience.


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