Four Reasons to Use Direct Mail Marketing Instead of Email Marketing

Direct Mail Marketing vs Email Marketing
Have you ever glanced over at a friend or colleagues’ phone and noticed that they have thousands of unread email notifications? It’s a problem that many people face – some people even have special email addresses just to deal with it.

What exactly is this problem you may ask? Well, it is the problem of too many promotional emails. Online retailers pull us in with the promise of future coupon codes and discounts and before you know it, your inbox is filled with countless email marketing campaigns.

Business owners often think that email marketing is an easy decision that requires no further discussion – but when your consumers are being inundated with “junk” emails from hundreds of your competitors do you even have a chance to stand out from the crowd?

How, then, is a business going to capture the attention of current and potential customers if email marketing is not the answer?

We’ve rounded up our top four reasons why your business should use direct mail marketing instead of email marketing.

  1. Direct mail marketing has come a long way from the traditional, postcards and flyers. With technology such as variable data printing and things like QR codes, direct mail can be engaged on a completely different level than before. Adding in technological touches can help bridge the gap between offline consumers and those who primarily shop online.
  2. Direct mail marketing is way more personal than email marketing – When people receive a physical piece of mail they often feel as if you went to much more effort than if you were to just send them an email. This personalized touch helps to build a stronger bond with your customers.
  3. Email marketing campaigns always look so good when you are designing them, but the fact of the matter is that everyone uses different email service providers and the beauty of your campaign can be lost when it does not display well across all platforms and devices. Direct mail marketing, however, always looks consistent and properly conveys your message!
  4. Direct mail marketing allows for more copy. With email marketing, less is more and while this could be aesthetically pleasing, often, it will be harder for your business to adequately convey your message to your customers. With direct mail marketing, you have more room for things like customer testimonials, product descriptions, promotional deals, and more.

Direct mail marketing

Direct mail marketing can surpass the effectiveness of email marketing – consumers are much more likely to interact with a direct mail marketing piece than they are with an email. Don’t miss out on the potential of direct mail marketing and its personal experience!

Mail-O-Matic has worked with businesses and associations across Canada and the United States for over 50 years delivering high-quality direct mail marketing campaigns to current and potential customers. We work with each business to create a clearly defined direct mail strategy that focuses on you and your target audience.

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