Why You Should Consider Direct Mail Marketing as Part of Your Healthy Marketing Mix

Considering how digital marketing efforts seem to increase, direct mail marketing should still be an integral part of your marketing strategy. Direct mail marketing has proven to effectively target audiences, whether it’s new customers or existing ones. More importantly, it promotes and encourages brand loyalty by allowing existing customers to receive the information they actually want to see.

Within a marketing mix lies product, place, price, and promotion. Direct mail marketing is needed as part of a healthy marketing mix because a brand can educate specific consumers on special promotions of a product.

The overall purpose is to communicate with your customers and more importantly, build a connection. The main reason why direct mail marketing is so effective is because of its ability to reach a bigger range of target audiences to build brand awareness and brand loyalty. It is a great opportunity to build a brand connection by directly offering value to the recipients. Having said that, it is also a cost-effective method and makes the process of tracking responses much easier.

Physical mailboxes tend to be less crowded than email inboxes. In a digital era, email marketing efforts have bombarded consumers with indirect automated messages. Automated online approaches don’t necessarily contribute to the marketing mix because they are generic and the saturation it creates prevents audiences from genuinely bonding with the brand.

If you would like to expand your marketing mix to include direct mail marketing, speak with a Mail-O-Matic representative today. As a Canada Post Smartmail Expert Partner, rest assured that your next direct mail marketing campaign is in the right hands!