How working with a Canadian Direct Mail Marketing Company Can Help US-Based Businesses Save Money and Better Enter the Canadian Market.

Direct mail marketing is a powerful method of generating more leads for your company. It is both effective and practical in reaching more people who would not have otherwise engaged with your business.


Most US publishers and advertisers take advantage of direct mail marketing companies in Canada because it is a smart and cost-effective alternative for reaching Canadian audience, which in turn, increases market exposure and results in bigger sales. Rather than paying American companies to control their direct mail marketing, US companies will find that sticking to a Canadian company will be more cost-effective and even more likely to create leads.


Entrusting a Canadian direct mail marketing company like Mail-O-Matic can help US-based businesses enter the Canadian market whilst saving money because of the great savings and competitive prices that we offer. For businesses within the United States, utilizing a Canadian company provides them with tax advantages and even better processing rates!


Mail-O-Matic is based in Burnaby, British Columbia, we can distribute your direct mail campaign across Canada.


If you are part of an American business and looking for a way to communicate with your Canadian customers, we can help you to produce and manage your entire direct mail marketing campaign. We are equipped with the tools and expertise to ensure that your campaign is a success. In working with us, you will save on costs for the timely delivery of your mail across Western Canada.


With our expertise, we can provide you with exclusive information regarding mailing data so that you get the best ROI.


We will use our experience in direct mail marketing to help fine-tune your own campaign. In addition, we are a Canada Post Smartmail Expert Partner, so we absolutely know what we are doing! Our reputation gives you an idea as to our workplace culture and effective results.


Contact a Mail-O-Matic representative today and learn how using a Canadian direct mail marketing company is in your best interest!

Canada Post Changes to Direct Mail Services

Direct Marketing Mail Price and Service Changes

Every year, Canada Post updates their rates and service offerings. They do so to both keep up with inflation and to stay ahead of industry best standards in the flyer and mail industries. This year, a lot of the 2018 Canada Post changes are to do with direct mail marketing.

On January 15, 2018, Canada Post will introduce service changes and price adjustments to the following

Direct Marketing services:

  • Personalized MailTM
  • Neighbourhood MailTM
  • Postal Code Targeting
  • Publications MailTM
  • Business Reply MailTM Domestic and International
  • LettermailTM (meter or postal indicia)
  • Incentive LettermailTM

In addition to the above changes, Canada Post is adding service changes including size, weight and delivery cycle for Neighbourhood Mail.

Starting in January, Canada Post will be introducing a bigger, faster, better Neighbourhood Mail service.

The service enhancements will provide you with the flexibility to mail larger and heavier items, aligning to flyer industry standards and removing the need to fold your items!

Canada Post is introducing the following key service changes:

  • Increase in maximum dimensions for Oversize items from 12” x 9” to 12” x 11”
  • Increase to maximum weight from 230 g to 500 g (Standard and Oversize)
  • Increase to maximum thickness from 0.75” to 1.0” (Standard and Oversize)

More importantly, this update brings changes to delivery cycles. This means that direct marketing campaigns will reach their intended markets faster!

Some of the key changes include:

  • Reduction in delivery from 5 days to 3 days for Oversize items up to 200 g
  • Reduction in delivery of Standard items over 115 g (from 5 days to 3 days)
  • Introduction of new delivery cycles for items over 200 g (Standard and Oversize)

Finally, Canada Post will also remove the maximum number of items per bundle that was previously standard for Neighbourhood Mail campaigns. This is part of an ongoing simplification process to their services.

Fitting with the changes to their Neighbourhood Mail services, Canada post has also updated their Personalized Mail services.

To better meet the needs of their customers, Canada Post has increased the maximum thickness for Dimensional items. The maximum thickness for Personalized Mail Dimensional items will be increased from 55 mm to 60 mm.

This will give customers greater creative flexibility when mailing bulkier items.

As a Smartmail Marketing EXPERT Partner, Mail-O-Matic is committed to keeping up with industry best practices and providing the best customer service experience for all our clients. Whether you need help sending out promotional flyers, want to test out neighbourhood mail, or have a list of prospective customers to reach via personalized mail services, we’re here for you!



Why High-Quality Digital Printing Solutions Legitimize Your Direct Mail Advertising Efforts

When sending direct mail to potential customers, sending them high-quality digital printing solutions creates a positive and lasting impression. The quality and type of material you choose to send reflects your brand and company. You want to ensure that you use high-quality printing solutions so that your direct mail advertising efforts are legitimate.

Having your logo and return address printed in colour and high-quality material conveys legitimacy and lets people know that you are a reputable business. People know that companies that put in the extra effort into the small details will put in that same amount of care into the work they produce for customers.

Printing your customer’s names and addresses with ink jetting or lasering is more professional and will create a positive impression and positive response. Creating positive impressions leads to higher brand recall and customer loyalty and this helps legitimize your direct mail advertising efforts.

Our brains are hard-wired to pay more attention to direct mail, especially high-quality direct mail. High-quality mail is less likely to be perceived as spam mail and more likely to be perceived as legitimate mail from a reputable company. People are mailed so much spam mail these days; imagine their surprise when they receive a high-quality printed mail mailed to them. The more attention people pay to your direct mail, the higher your brand awareness becomes and more likely they are to convert.

When running a direct mail advertising campaign, you want to ensure that it works and meets your ROI. When you use high-quality printing solutions for your direct mail advertising, your mail will get noticed. Whether you want to increase brand awareness, acquire new customers or are looking for conversions, high-quality printing solutions will legitimize your direct mail advertising efforts.

At Mail-O-Matic, we provide high-quality printing solutions that include black and white laser printing, colour laser printing, and variable data printing services that enhance and personalize your mailouts.

Get your direct mail noticed and contact us to see how our high-quality printing solutions will legitimize your direct mail advertising efforts!

How to Incorporate Social Media in Your 2018 Direct Mail Campaigns and Why It Is Important

Having an integrated marketing campaign that includes social media and direct mail campaigns can result in more leads, sales, and new customers.

Your integrated marketing campaign should have a consistent message on all channels so that your brand message resonates with your customers both online and offline.

Once you have started a direct mail campaign, it’s important to start incorporating social media into your direct mail campaign. Below are steps to incorporating social media into your direct mail campaign:

Use Social Media to Build Your Direct Marketing Customer Profile

Social media can provide insights that can help you to reach your target audience. Go to your social media channels and look at the people who engage and follow your accounts. Look at their demographics, interest, etc.

The information you gather from social media will help you segment your customer’s interest better. Each segment can be targeted with the most relevant and timely direct mail marketing offers.

You can also use your mailing list to target customers on social media. The more interaction you have with a customer, the better customer loyalty and brand retention it creates.

Include Social Proof in Your Direct Marketing Campaign

Social proof is evidence that others endorse your brand or offer. The credibility and trust instilled by social proof through social media will increase conversions and ROI for your company.

People are more likely to think positively when they see other people showing positive feelings about an offer.

Some things you could include from your social media channels into your direct marketing campaign are:

  • Customer testimonials – draw testimonials from social media sites where people are talking about your brand and include them in your direct mail campaign
  • A number of shares or downloads – Show the number of times your offer has been shared or downloaded through a social media icon that reveals the number of shares. An offer that has been shared a lot on social media shows credibility and trust
  • Embed social media posts – monitor social media to find mentions of your offer, brand, products that reflect positively on your business. You can insert these Tweets, Facebook post, etc in your direct mail campaigns.
  • Embed customer ratings and reviews – embed customer ratings and reviews of the product or service offered into your direct mail campaign.


Cross-Promote Social Media Channels and Direct Mail Campaigns

Use social media to amplify your direct mail campaign by linking direct mail campaign offers to social media and vice versa. Tying them together allows marketers to take advantage of the particular strengths of each.

Also, encourage customers to share the offers received from direct mail offer on social medias. This allows current customers to promote your brand and your direct mail campaign to their network.

Use Direct Mail to Spark Social Conversation

The great thing about social media is that you can interact with your customers directly to build relationships. Social media allows brands to respond to their customers quickly, enabling social conversations to be formed.

Encourage customers to log onto social media and interact with your brand on your direct mail campaigns. Ask them to share their thoughts on the direct mail campaign offer on social media and don’t forget to ask them to tag or mention you in their post!

Use Social Media to Build Anticipation About New Offers

Use social media to create anticipation about new and upcoming offers. For example, use social media to promote the anticipation of a new catalogue that will be mailed out.

Post some teasers throughout the weeks leading to your direct mail campaign mail out and put a clear call to actions that tell people to sign-up for the direct mail campaign.

Why Social Media is Important to Direct Mail Campaigns

Research conducted by Canada Post showed that integrated marketing campaigns drove more attention, higher brand recall and stronger emotional response than single-media campaigns.

Canada Post found that consumers had a 40% higher brand recall when direct mail was followed by direct email.

Integrating direct mail and digital campaigns created 10% higher brand recall and 5% more arousal than single media campaigns according to Canada Post.

Consumers paid 39% more attention to integrated direct mail and digital campaigns than to single-media digital campaigns.

Customers don’t consume information in a single channel world anymore. In a world where people are bombarded with digital messages, having an integrated marketing campaign that includes social media and direct mail is the way to get your message and brand noticed!

At Mail-O-Matic, we are here to handle all of your direct mail marketing needs. From the first consultation to post office delivery, our production team is with you every step of the way. You can rely on Mail-O-Matic for direct mail marketing needs.

How Personalized Names and Addresses on Your Next Mail Campaign Can Increase Conversions

Including a personalized mail campaign into your marketing strategy can increase conversions in addition to increasing brand awareness, spreading your brand’s message and building relationships with your customers.

Personalized mail is direct mail with an address and targeted messaged printed on each piece. Customized name and addresses can be printed on most mail outs including envelopes, postcards, magazines, and catalogues.

The main purpose of personalized mail is to motivate receivers to act by:

  • Promoting a service, product, event or program
  • Soliciting donations
  • Supporting your loyalty card program
  • Reporting on financial performances that are primarily for promotional purposes.

Canada Post’s research on personalized mail campaigns shows that 47% of people who receive direct mail visited a store in reaction to it. Make the most of geo-targeting to connect with customers near your business!

Physical Mail Creates Lasting Impressions

Personalizing mail with names and address is a great way to build relationships with your customers by personally reaching out to the customer. By reaching out personally, you leave a good and lasting impression on the customer.

Personalized Mail Gets Noticed

Personalized mail not only gets noticed, it also gets opened and read. People’s brains are structured to pay more attention to physical mail. According to Canada Post, 86% of Canadian consumers open mail that is personally addressed to them.

Increase Brand Awareness

Personalized mail increases brand awareness and stronger brand recall because the receiver is more likely to open personalized mail that is addressed to them directly.

Builds Customer Loyalty

Personalized mail builds deepen connections with existing customers to build customer loyalty. According to Canada Post, 57% of customers feel more valued when they receive personalized mail. This heightened emotional engagement means that they are more likely to read the mail they receive and convert.

Personalized Mail Stands Out

You can be as creative as you want with your personalized mail. Your mail will stand out amongst the clutter of digital media people are subjected to everyday. People are more likely to convert if your personalized mail catches their attention.

Easier to Understand

Less mental effort is needed to process personalized mail compared to digital media. When your mail’s message is easy to understand, it creates a higher motivational response to the message and action you are conveying in the mail.

Mail-O-Matic can help you with your next personalized mail campaign. Our expert production team will help you with every step to produce a successful personalized mail campaign that converts.