What does it mean to be a Canada Post Smartmail Marketing Expert Partner?

What is Canada Post’s Smartmail Marketing Expert Partner Program?

Canada Post has hand-picked over 30 businesses, one of which is Mail-O-Matic, to act as their Expert Partners. To be selected means that your business has demonstrated consistently remarkable performances across a number of areas within mail marketing and has also engaged in Canada Post’s educational and professional development exercises. Smartmail marketing gives businesses insight into finding new customers and boosting the value of their current customer base.


What is a Canada Post Smartmail Marketing Expert Partner?

Smartmail Expert Partners are partners of Canada Post who have the expertise to complete a Smartmail Marketing solution. These partners are able to provide assistance in all three categories: physicality, data, and connectivity, and also control the execution of Smartmail Marketing. As Mail-O-Matic is a Smartmail Expert Partner, this means that Canada Post is confident in our ability to administer reliable solutions and impeccable customer service like true professionals.

Being a Canada Post Smartmail Marketing Expert Partner means that Mail-O-Matic has access to exclusive information that is not readily available to the public. We strive to solve marketing challenges that our customers face, regardless of where they may be positioned in their customer’s value chain. we have access to knowledge and experience that is usually restricted to larger businesses and we utilize it to expand your reach and increase your response rate.



As trusted Expert Partners, Mail-O-Matic can provide customers and their businesses with more innovative and effective approaches to direct mail. Regarding your mail marketing campaign, we will take care of much of the heavy lifting, like sorting and grouping your direct mail by postal route. By working with Mail-O-Matic, you have access to our in-depth mailing and technical expertise. The expertise that we have is very beneficial, especially since it is known to build the foundation for successful neighborhood and personalized mailing campaigns. We will work our hardest to adjust your mailing needs as much as possible to save you money while still increasing the value of your campaign.


The Importance/Benefits

For all your mailing needs, work with Mail-O-Matic, an accredited Smartmail Marketing Expert Partner, because we have the expertise for you to leverage for your campaign needs. Regardless of your experience with producing direct mail marketing campaign, you will more than likely benefit from our past experience and knowledge.

We have shown that we can be trusted and that we possess the appropriate technical expertise to provide great service to our customers. It would help your company greatly because in bringing us on board, your business is given access to their resources and for us, as a partner, we are able to optimize each situation or scenario so that your assets are all amplified.

Canada Post Changes to Direct Mail Services

Direct Marketing Mail Price and Service Changes

Every year, Canada Post updates their rates and service offerings. They do so to both keep up with inflation and to stay ahead of industry best standards in the flyer and mail industries. This year, a lot of the 2018 Canada Post changes are to do with direct mail marketing.

On January 15, 2018, Canada Post will introduce service changes and price adjustments to the following

Direct Marketing services:

  • Personalized MailTM
  • Neighbourhood MailTM
  • Postal Code Targeting
  • Publications MailTM
  • Business Reply MailTM Domestic and International
  • LettermailTM (meter or postal indicia)
  • Incentive LettermailTM

In addition to the above changes, Canada Post is adding service changes including size, weight and delivery cycle for Neighbourhood Mail.

Starting in January, Canada Post will be introducing a bigger, faster, better Neighbourhood Mail service.

The service enhancements will provide you with the flexibility to mail larger and heavier items, aligning to flyer industry standards and removing the need to fold your items!

Canada Post is introducing the following key service changes:

  • Increase in maximum dimensions for Oversize items from 12” x 9” to 12” x 11”
  • Increase to maximum weight from 230 g to 500 g (Standard and Oversize)
  • Increase to maximum thickness from 0.75” to 1.0” (Standard and Oversize)

More importantly, this update brings changes to delivery cycles. This means that direct marketing campaigns will reach their intended markets faster!

Some of the key changes include:

  • Reduction in delivery from 5 days to 3 days for Oversize items up to 200 g
  • Reduction in delivery of Standard items over 115 g (from 5 days to 3 days)
  • Introduction of new delivery cycles for items over 200 g (Standard and Oversize)

Finally, Canada Post will also remove the maximum number of items per bundle that was previously standard for Neighbourhood Mail campaigns. This is part of an ongoing simplification process to their services.

Fitting with the changes to their Neighbourhood Mail services, Canada post has also updated their Personalized Mail services.

To better meet the needs of their customers, Canada Post has increased the maximum thickness for Dimensional items. The maximum thickness for Personalized Mail Dimensional items will be increased from 55 mm to 60 mm.

This will give customers greater creative flexibility when mailing bulkier items.

As a Smartmail Marketing EXPERT Partner, Mail-O-Matic is committed to keeping up with industry best practices and providing the best customer service experience for all our clients. Whether you need help sending out promotional flyers, want to test out neighbourhood mail, or have a list of prospective customers to reach via personalized mail services, we’re here for you!



Why High-Quality Digital Printing Solutions Legitimize Your Direct Mail Advertising Efforts

When sending direct mail to potential customers, sending them high-quality digital printing solutions creates a positive and lasting impression. The quality and type of material you choose to send reflects your brand and company. You want to ensure that you use high-quality printing solutions so that your direct mail advertising efforts are legitimate.

Having your logo and return address printed in colour and high-quality material conveys legitimacy and lets people know that you are a reputable business. People know that companies that put in the extra effort into the small details will put in that same amount of care into the work they produce for customers.

Printing your customer’s names and addresses with ink jetting or lasering is more professional and will create a positive impression and positive response. Creating positive impressions leads to higher brand recall and customer loyalty and this helps legitimize your direct mail advertising efforts.

Our brains are hard-wired to pay more attention to direct mail, especially high-quality direct mail. High-quality mail is less likely to be perceived as spam mail and more likely to be perceived as legitimate mail from a reputable company. People are mailed so much spam mail these days; imagine their surprise when they receive a high-quality printed mail mailed to them. The more attention people pay to your direct mail, the higher your brand awareness becomes and more likely they are to convert.

When running a direct mail advertising campaign, you want to ensure that it works and meets your ROI. When you use high-quality printing solutions for your direct mail advertising, your mail will get noticed. Whether you want to increase brand awareness, acquire new customers or are looking for conversions, high-quality printing solutions will legitimize your direct mail advertising efforts.

At Mail-O-Matic, we provide high-quality printing solutions that include black and white laser printing, colour laser printing, and variable data printing services that enhance and personalize your mailouts.

Get your direct mail noticed and contact us to see how our high-quality printing solutions will legitimize your direct mail advertising efforts!

How Personalized Names and Addresses on Your Next Mail Campaign Can Increase Conversions

Including a personalized mail campaign into your marketing strategy can increase conversions in addition to increasing brand awareness, spreading your brand’s message and building relationships with your customers.

Personalized mail is direct mail with an address and targeted messaged printed on each piece. Customized name and addresses can be printed on most mail outs including envelopes, postcards, magazines, and catalogues.

The main purpose of personalized mail is to motivate receivers to act by:

  • Promoting a service, product, event or program
  • Soliciting donations
  • Supporting your loyalty card program
  • Reporting on financial performances that are primarily for promotional purposes.

Canada Post’s research on personalized mail campaigns shows that 47% of people who receive direct mail visited a store in reaction to it. Make the most of geo-targeting to connect with customers near your business!

Physical Mail Creates Lasting Impressions

Personalizing mail with names and address is a great way to build relationships with your customers by personally reaching out to the customer. By reaching out personally, you leave a good and lasting impression on the customer.

Personalized Mail Gets Noticed

Personalized mail not only gets noticed, it also gets opened and read. People’s brains are structured to pay more attention to physical mail. According to Canada Post, 86% of Canadian consumers open mail that is personally addressed to them.

Increase Brand Awareness

Personalized mail increases brand awareness and stronger brand recall because the receiver is more likely to open personalized mail that is addressed to them directly.

Builds Customer Loyalty

Personalized mail builds deepen connections with existing customers to build customer loyalty. According to Canada Post, 57% of customers feel more valued when they receive personalized mail. This heightened emotional engagement means that they are more likely to read the mail they receive and convert.

Personalized Mail Stands Out

You can be as creative as you want with your personalized mail. Your mail will stand out amongst the clutter of digital media people are subjected to everyday. People are more likely to convert if your personalized mail catches their attention.

Easier to Understand

Less mental effort is needed to process personalized mail compared to digital media. When your mail’s message is easy to understand, it creates a higher motivational response to the message and action you are conveying in the mail.

Mail-O-Matic can help you with your next personalized mail campaign. Our expert production team will help you with every step to produce a successful personalized mail campaign that converts.

The Benefits of Direct Mail Advertising for Small Business

It’s Not Always David vs Goliath

When you run a small business, advertising can sometimes seem like an insurmountable feat. Not only do you have to compete with big box stores and chains, you must also compete with online businesses. In addition, many small businesses just don’t have the marketing budget to pull out all the stops. That is not to say, however, that small businesses do not have their own advantage when it comes to advertising and appealing to their customer base. In this article, we will review the many ways in which direct mail advertising for small business can work to your advantage.

Where big box stores fail across the board, small businesses excel. Small businesses are able to connect to their community and offer a level of personalized customer service that chains simply cannot. It’s these personal, and lasting relationships that draw customers back to small businesses over and over.

So, how do small businesses market to their base? One way that small business can reach their customers is through direct mail advertising.

Direct mail advertising is the process of sending flyers, postcards, brochures, or catalogues by mail to current customers, prospective customers, or even those who live in areas surrounding your storefront.

Direct mail advertising holds a number of benefits for small businesses because, in addition to being highly measurable, it is also flexible, cost-effective, and individualized.


Unlike traditional advertising mediums like radio, newsprint, or TV, direct mail advertising is highly flexible. In addition, businesses can also include coupons or product samples. Moreover, a business owner can generally include as much information in the campaign as desired.

Cost Effective

Because direct mail marketing is highly targeted, you can save a lot of money and increase your ROI by segmenting your lists to target the right people for the right promotions.


Direct marketing can be highly individualized. Personalized mail is direct mail with an address and targeted messaging printed on each piece. It’s a great way to personally reach out to customers and leave a lasting impression on recipients. Personalized mail creates better brand and service awareness because recipients are more likely to open mail directly addressed to them for that personal touch.

If you do not have access to a list of customer names or want to advertise on a larger-scale, Neighbourhood mail may be what you are looking for.

At Mail-O-Matic, we are here to handle all of your direct mail marketing needs. From the first consultation to post office delivery, our production team is with you every step of the way. You can rely on Mail-O-Matic for direct mail marketing needs.